Algomodel Signals Pro

Scan stock markets for investment opportunities

List high potential securities on the JSE, NASDAQ and NYSE. Monitor the health of your existing portfolios and increase your profitability. Knowledge working for you.

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Increase Your Profits
Increase Your Profits

Make more accurate stock picks through proven analysis algorithms that have been distilled into easy to understand headmaps.

Leverage Your Time
Leverage Your Time

Quickly shortlist high potential securities, and invest your time into analyzing the securities that matter the most.

Protect Your Wealth
Protect Your Wealth

Monitor the health of your portfolios with custom watchlists, and stay on top of your investments.


Product Features

   Heatmaps   Visual heatmaps to quickly evaluate the potential of a security by looking at its chart.
   Trend Factor   Heatmap on a security's chart showing the profit performance of the security.
   Trend Candles   Colour coded candlestick charts that clearly indicates the trends of a securities.
   Spotlight   Quickly shortlist potential investment opportunities in your preferred stock exchanges.
   Analyst Expert   Analise and summarize a variety of indicators and technical signals in selected stock exchanges.
   Trend Triggers   Search for daily, weekly and monthly trendline breaks based on your own customized trend lines.
   Swing Moves   Calculate percentage swing moves during bear and bull market cycles.
   Watchlists   Build your own custom watchlists to track and monitor the health of your portfolios.
   Frontrunner Indicator   A proprietary Algomodel indicator, that predicts potential movements of a security.
   FXC Signals   Proprietary Algomodel signals that assists with investment decision making.

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