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Analysing stock markets is time consuming

Free daily market reviews to stay up to date with current market conditions.

Identify problem securities  in your portfolio quickly and easily from your phone.

Intelligent algorithms to identify high potential securities, and minimize risk.

Amazing Stories for You

John has always invested a portion of his income on the JSE stock market throughout his career. He has done so using his preferred stock broker, but never really understood the intricate details of stock markets, or if he is getting a good return on his investment.

Algomodel Signals enabled John to actively monitor his portfolio directly from his phone. He quickly identified problematic securities in his portfolio, and was able to restructure his portfolio together with his stock broker to reduce his exposure to risk, and increase the growth of his capital.

John now has much more control over his investments, and the growth of the nest egg that he his building for his future self.

Tim has been a stock broker and financial advisor for more than 8 years. He has built up a solid understanding of markets and the fundamental analysis of securities during this time. Wanting to give his clients the best possible service, he decided to make technical analysis part of his arsenal of investment tools.

Algomodel Signals Pro enabled Tim to easily scans stock markets for investment opportunities, and identify lucrative trading opportunities based on proven technical algorithms and models. 

With his existing fundamental experience Tim was able to increase the quality of his decision making process dramatically, and is now providing his clients with bespoke advice to reduce their risk and increase their profits. 

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