Company History

1975 Algomodel
First Investment

During 1975 Derek Bester decided to take R10,000 and attempt his hand at investing on the stock market for the first time. He lost everything within a couple of months.

1976 Algomodel
First Charts

This first failed attempt laid the foundation to explore for better ways to invest on the stock market. With his engineering background Derek turned towards charting as a potential tool to make better investment decisions.

Unfortunately computers were still way to expensive, and Derek meticulously plotted the charts of securities by hand using the daily prices published in the local newspaper.

Again Derek ventured with R15,000 towards the stock market, but this time much more cautiously and armed with his hand-plotted charts. occurrentia fingunt, vincunt Aristonem.

1984 Algomodel
First Software

Derek's new charting strategies turned out to be successful, and he held his ground with his investments.

By now computers became much more affordable, and Derek bought his first personal computer (PC) together with some technical analysis software that was available at the time.

Unfortunately JSE stock market data was not available for download (the Internet did not exist yet), and Derek commandeered his wife to help capture the daily JSE security prices manually from the local newspaper.

2000 Algomodel
Technology Progress

During the past 16 years many more stock market analysis software packages became available, and Derek bought and tried almost every one. Eventually he settled on 5 packages that he found to be useful in optimizing his investment returns.

Alwyn Bester just completed his degree in mathematics and computer science. Derek saw it fitting to invest in a software development kit (SDK) of one of his stock market packages, so that Alwyn could put his new skills to use and start writing custom analysis software... but it would still be a while before Alwyn latched onto the idea of investing on the stock market, never-mind analyzing it.

2015 Algomodel
The Journey Starts

By now Alwyn has been long enough in the workforce to realize that investing on the stock exchange could potentially be a gateway towards financial freedom, and Derek has fine-tuned his investment models and strategies to the point where he was getting very respectable returns on his investments.

The time was ripe to combine Derek's investment ideas with Alwyn's software development skills.

We saw an opportunity to combine the best of existing programs into a single package, while improving on the shortcomings.

Alwyn opened the manual of the SDK that Derek bought 15 years ago for the first time.

2017 Algomodel
Our First Product

After two years of grinding out our first product, TradeFX was finally ready, and we signed up our first clients.

Being of entrepreneurial spirit Alwyn also founded his company {Zoclee} during this period, that operated as a sole proprietorship.

2019 Algomodel
The Algomodel Brand

At this point we believed that our software needed its own identity separate from {Zoclee}... a brand with which our clients can identify.

After considering our brand image we felt that TradeFX was a misleading name, since it might be mistaken for the trading of Foreign eXchange, while the software is designed for the analysis of stock markets.

We decided on the name Algomodel which is a combination of the words "algorithms" and "models".

{Zoclee} was also incorporated as a private company at the end of 2019.

2020 Algomodel
The Team Grows

Wanting to keep our ideas fresh, and in pace with an ever changing technology landscape, we realized that we would need some help.

Anne-Marie Reed's natural talent to deconstruct ideas into its simplest forms, and then reordering it into a format that makes sense, is invaluable when building advanced and complicated stock market analysis software.

2020 Algomodel
The Team Grows Some More

André Victor's ambition and passion for software is challenging our development efforts each day to rise to the occasion, and to always take a critical and hard look at our technical decisions.

We were very fortunate that both André and Anne-Marie accepted our invitation to join the team.

2021 Algomodel
Timeline Story

2021 marks the year of Algomodel entering the mobile space. With the release of Algomodel Signals, the Algomodel platform extended its reach beyond market analysis software, by providing our users with a rich connected experience.

The Future Algomodel
Timeline Story

We believe that artificial intelligence will play a major role in making investment decisions in the future.

Our vision is focused on the research and development of artificial intelligent solutions for our clients to support them with their investment success.