Global Markets Retain Momentum

News in Brief

Bloomberg: ‘Stocks trim gains as inflation concerns increase.’

MarketWatch: ‘EU leaders agree to partial embargo on Russian oil.’

U.S. Markets were closed for Memorial Day.

Global Indexes

CAC 40

As the U.S. Markets were closed, I show the CAC 40. This market also broke its negative trend line and 50 day moving average.


The DAX is in a similar situation and gained with another gap.


The HANG SENG is also hovering just above its 50 day moving average. We might see some profit taking as we are in overbought territory in all 3 index charts.


U.S. Markets were closed for a public holiday.

JSE Stocks

Exxaro Resources

After the doji on long term support, Exxaro Resources broke up with a 6.9% gain. Its trend factor also moved into a higher gear with this move.

Capitec Bank Holdings

Banks had a good day on the JSE. Capitec Bank Holdings broke above its negative trend line.

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