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Powell Vow to Battle Inflation


  • JPMorgan China fund ramps up bets on tech as bullish calls grow
  • X-rated recession risks can’t be covered up
  • China bulls have got it wrong as Covid Zero stays, Lombard says


  • You shouldn’t trust the stock market bounce until the S&P 500 is back above 3800, analyst say
  • Dow ends nearly 200 points higher after Powell concludes Capitol Hill testimony with vow to battle inflation

Ignoring the news, the Global Indexes are busy breaking their EMA8 lines!

Global Indexes

S&P 500

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq broke their EMA8 lines while the Dow closed on it. Notice that after the last Power signal the short term negative trend line was broken.


I adjusted my negative short term trend line for the DAX to include the previous top. This index was still all negative yesterday.


The HANG SENG also broke its EMA8 line, but is still caught in between the trendline wedge lines.


Bio-Rad Laboratories

The key for Bio-Rad Laboratories turn was the candle formation at the bottom. (will be our next lesson) Notice the power signal on the inverted candle to give a strong alert of a turn.

Enphase Energy Inc

Ater the 21.9% correction, Enphase Energy Inc is moving strong again with a weekly gain of 18.3%.

JSE Stocks

Satrix 40 Portfolio

The volatility for the Satrix 40 Portfolio has no end at the current level. It closed below support again, but hopefully it will follow Global markets higher today.

Prosus NV

Prosus is slowly but surely trending positively. Can this be the first leg of a bull market? First legs are usually only a steady gain.

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