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Uncertain Markets


  • Stocks fluctuate after China data; Dollar declines
  • Hong Kong’s top stock-trading is quietly unwinding


  • First Wall Street bank to call a U.S. recession now sees chance that inflation fails to decelerate
  • China’s manufacturing, services activity return to expansion in June

We are still experiencing very volatile markets.

Global Indexes

S&P 500

The S&P 500 stalled with a doji on the EMA8 line, uncertain about direction.


The DAX did dip down with a falling window after its uncertainty at the EMA8 line.


The HANG SENG is currently trading still above its EMA8 line with an uncertain small body candle.


Apache Corporation

After the uncertain long-legged small body candle, Apache Corporation corrected 6.9% for the day. Notice that none of the trend candles has turned green for the past 3 weeks!

The Coca-Cola Co

Three uncertain candles against negative resistance for The Coca-Cola Co. Can you identify them? If not, see lesson 9 about candlestick patterns.

JSE Stocks


The Rand is at a major resistance against against the Dollar. I showed this on a weekly chart to see 3 and a half years of data. We will have to wait to see if the resistance will hold?

Sasol Limited

Sasol made an engulfing bull candle after the recent correction. The main contributing factor can be the weak Rand as the energy stocks in the U.S. are still correcting.

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