Traders Weigh Valuation against Risks


  • European stocks rise as traders weigh valuations against risks
  • Stocks in India set to rebound after 3-month drop, history says


  • How long will stocks stay in a bear market? It hinges on if a recession hits, says Wells Fargo institute
  • U.K. stocks rise for first time in three days
  • Ray Dalio attacks U.S. populists and warns Russia may be ‘lesser loser’ in Ukraine war

As the U.S. markets were closed yesterday, we will concentrate on the other Global markets.

Global Indexes

FTSE 100 Index

The FTSE 100 Index lifted its head again after the long-legged doji. It is still below the negative trend line and long term average lines.


The DAX remained below all resistances above.

Hang Seng

The Hang Seng closed on the EMA8 line during its previous session and is doing a small bounce on it today.


U.S. Markets were closed yesterday

JSE Stocks

Northam Platinum

Some shares made a strong bounce on the JSE with Northam Platinum leading the pack. The negative trend line was broken with its 7.5% gain. Notice that the bounce came with divergence in place.

Barloworld Limited

Barloworld is still trending sideways on the R88 support. It also has divergence in place.

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