News Remains Negative


  • A $1.9 trillion options expiration is crucial moment for stock hedgers
  • Bearish Tesla bet is among first single-stock ETFs to hit US


  • Bank of America slashes S&P 500 targets to ‘lowest on the Street’ after recession forecast
  • Markets are now pricing in 100% risk of a U.S. recession before year’s end: Deutsche Bank
  • China’s economy shows more signs of recovery in June

Global Markets remain bearish. Be aware that when news are at it worst …. a turn is around the corner?

Global Indexes

S&P 500

The S&P 500 remains in all negative territory with the futures positive?


The DAX gave up its sideways movement and followed the U.S. downwards.


Similarly the HANG SENG is also following the U.S. lower. Notice that it is moving into extreme oversold territory.


Apple Inc

Apple is ignoring all the negative news and continued its positive trend after a small J-curve.

Shopify Inc

Shopify is busy building a strong support. When a share price is so low, small movements in price is actually a high % as the 4.6% drop shows.

JSE Stocks

Satrix 40 Portfolio

Another extreme volatile day for the Satrix 40 Portfolio closing at the bottom level.


The high % move is also noticeable for PPC. After the engulfing bear candle it made a 12.5% drop on its low value price.

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