Stock Optimism Evaporates


  • Stock optimism evaporates with Apple hiring plans
  • Morgan Stanley, Goldman say stocks have yet to find a bottom
  • Goldman says it’s premature to dismiss inflation fears


  • Dow books biggest drop in more than two weeks after report about Apple’s plans to slow hiring spending
  • Analyst who called summer stock-market bounce now sees more S&P500 upside

Just as fast as the bounce came, it evaporated? You can expect a lot of volatility at this bear market turn.

Global Indexes

S&P 500

The S&P 500 stalled at 2 resistance lines and closed on the EMA8 line.


Although the DAX made a positive move, it is also hesitant at a resistance level.


The HANG SENG is also hesitant below its EMA8 line.


Apple Inc

Apple was the cause of the stalling in the U.S. Notice that it happened at a strong resistance in overbought territory. It first made a doji against resistance and followed it up with a engulfing bear candle.

Devon Energy Corp

Although quite a few shares stalled, we also had some more breakaway gaps. Devon Energy made a breakaway gap after turning with divergence.

JSE Stocks

Exxaro Resources Ltd

Exxaro Resources made the strongest move on the JSE and closed just below its negative trend line. We had a level 3 divergence at the turn.

Anglo American plc

Anglo American came back to touch its negative break line again and then made a breakaway gap yesterday.

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