Big Week ahead for Markets


  • Alphabet stock split lands with a thud in worry-filled market
  • Stocks end three-day rally on tech, growth woes


  • S&P 500 tumbles as stocks retreat ahead of next week’s earnings blitz by tech giants
  • Prepare for a big week: A crucial Federal Reserve decision, tech-company earnings and a GDP report

yahoo! finance:

  • ‘we can’t be an oil supplier’: Biden adviser
  • Snap is going through a near-death experience

The S&P 500 tested its 4,000 level and then bounced down ahead of a crucial week.

Global Indexes

S&P 500

The S&P 500 made a Harami candle at the 4,000 level.


The NASDAQ bounced down 1.9% ahead of earnings week.


The DAX is still forming a rising three method pattern, but if it follows the U.S. the pattern will not be confirmed.


The HANG SENG remains below all resistances above, in all negative territory.


Snap Inc

There is no end to the problems at Snap. It made a 39% drop on Friday. Notice the large gaps when the slide started at $73.

HCA Healthcare Inc

On the other side of the coin HCA Healthcare made 11% positive breakaway gap.

JSE Stocks

JSE All Share

If the JSE All Share follow the U.S. today it will bounce down from its negative trend line after the inverted hammer candle.


Platinum shares had a good day on the JSE after Palladium jumped 7.6%.

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