Waiting Game for Markets


  • Stock trading hits 2022 low before Fed, Earnings
  • Snap loses Wall Street fan base as ‘Cash Bonfire’ rages on
  • Morgan Stanley sees more Fed hike while JPMorgan expects pivot


  • Big Tech earnings are about to determine the direction of the market
  • Google may be the safest of the digital-advertising giants, but that isn’t saying much right now
  • Microsoft earnings: It’s the forecast that matters, so be patient

Everyone is waiting for the Fed and the first big tech earnings for market direction.

Global Indexes

S&P 500

The S&P 500 is also waiting for big tech earnings with a doji candlestick.


The DAX has a bullish continuation pattern that is also waiting.


The HANG SENG made a breakaway gap and is currently trading above its EMA8 line again.


Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is trading on its negative trend line. Earnings will decide a break or a bounce down.

Alphabet Inc

Alphabet Inc is trading at the bottom of its sideways channel, also with an uncertain candle. If your data do not show the split, just use the reload data option by right clicking on its name in the share list.

JSE Stocks

JSE All Share

The JSE All Share is also waiting and trading just below its negative trend line.

Sasol Limited

Sasol is also waiting for direction just below its negative trend line.

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