Crush Inflation with Higher Rates?


  • Apple stock surge raise stakes as earnings loom (Insider information?)


  • The Fed vowed to crush inflation with higher rates
  • Stock market’s post-Fed bounce is a ‘trap’, warns Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson
  • Bad news for borrowers: The ‘terminal rate’ – the peak of the Fed’s interest-rate cycle may still be quite far off

Another strong day on the U.S. markets, even after the Fed tries to crush inflation with higher interest rates.

Global Indexes

S&P 500

The S&P 500 continued its positive trend with a 1.2% gain.


The EMA8 line acted as support and the DAX bounced on it.


The HANG SENG bounced down from its negative trend line and is also the only market moving negatively.


Enphase Energy Inc

Enphase Energy reached top resistance with another gap and a high wave candle. I am expecting profit taking at this level, but Frontrunner indicates that more highs are due to come? We will watch this one how it plays out.

Apple Inc

Apple has now moved 21% since it turned at the bottom. This might be an indication of its results looming? I do notice a long-legged candle and divergence in place ahead of the results?

JSE Stocks

JSE All Share

The JSE All Share retreated from the high of the day when the U.S. was negative at the JSE close. This created an inverted hammer candle. We will have to see today whether this candle gets confirmed or the positive trend continues?

Investec plc

Investec is hesitating at its long term negative trend line while busy building a J-curve. If the J-curve plays out, the trend line will be broken, or the trend line resistance may be too strong?

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