Riskiest Month of the Year


  • Surging stock market is heading into riskiest month of the year
  • Stocks snap rally as Fed pivot seems less likely


  • JP Morgan quant who called summer rebound in stocks says rally could continue even if corporate profits decline
  • Positive corporate earnings growth may spur additional, but slower , Fed rate hikes: Goldman Sachs
  • California declares emergency over monkeypox outbreak

Some profit taking stepped in while the East has a selloff.

Global Indexes

S&P 500

The S&P 500 halted its rally with an uncertain candle.


The DAX also has an uncertain doji just above its 50 day moving average.


The HANG SENG is in free fall with its abc correction. The next support is at 19200.


Boeing Co

Mostly corrections in the US while Boeing Co continued its positive trend with a gap. In doing so it closed the previous open window (APR 27) that was acting as resistance.

Deere Company

Deere Company also stalled with an uncertain doji and power signal in overbought territory.

JSE Stocks

JSE All Share

The JSE All Share also stalled with a spinning top candle and Power signal in overbought territory.

Mondi plc

Mondi was still moving strongly, but has also reached top resistance. I will be surprised if it gets broken with all the negativity in the air?

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