Breakout of Stocks after Rosy Earnings


  • Strategist fear Pelosi trip to have deeper global-market impact


  • Analysts: The U.S. stock rally is starting to look like a new bull market
  • U.S. stocks book powerful gains after rosy corporate earnings, economic data calm recession fears

All global markets are moving positively with quite a few breakouts.

Global Indexes

S&P 500

After two days of profit taking for the S&P 500, it is continuing its positive trend.


The DAX managed to stay above its 50 day moving average and bounced on it.


The HANG SENG made a breakaway gap this morning (very positive signal), but is still in all negative territory. The EMA8 line and negative trend line needs to be broken.


Shopify Inc

Shopify broke its first resistance of the sideways movement. Notice that its total correction was 82.6%.

Paypal Holdings Inc

Paypal Holdings also stood up from the dust after its 77% correction. It also made a breakaway gap with good results.

JSE Stocks

Naspers Limited

A Power signal for Naspers after the doji and correction.

Brent Crude

The Brent Crude has now dropped below $100 and hopefully the negative trend line will continue?

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